Mechanical Engineering Construction

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building, establishing, and maintaining all kinds of mechanical machinery, tools, and components. Construction is just one area mechanical engineer could work in, others include the power, medical, process industry, or manufacturing industries.

As a plant and mechanical engineer, you will inspect, design, install, or repair machinery and equipment to ensure it is well maintained, working safely and running smoothly.


  • Consultancy & Engineering (Feasibility studies, designs, Reviews of technical and equipment specifications, Factory Acceptance Tests, draughting, …)
  • Mechanical Contractor
  • Welding and Boilermaking works
  • Acid proofing and relining works
  • Service repairs of Pumps up to 600 kW, gearboxes, conveyer belts, Air Compressors, Generators, etc.
  • Industrial Procurement (Mining Supplies)
  • Mine dewatering systems installation and Commissioning
  • Labour

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Who is a Mechanical Engineer?

A mechanical engineer is, at least, a degree-certified expert who has a result from the professional training received from competent experts or engineering school to perform various operations that involve mechanical machinery, equipment, and components. The operations include designing, building, installing, testing, maintaining, and fixing or repairing in the case of any malfunction.

They are employed in various industries that heavily rely on the use of mechanical machinery and tools. Such industries are power companies, real estate, health centers, and manufacturing industries.

Mechanical engineers use the principles of engineering physics and engineering mathematics to perform the various duties required of them on construction sites.

From the selection of materials to the erection of mechanical machinery, their various duties are born out of intelligent analysis based on the application of physics-derived problem-solving techniques.

They are one of the various indispensable personnel needed on construction sites. As such, they must work harmoniously with other professionals and clients to enable them to bring any construction project to life.

This is done after they have perfectly outlined and prepared the techniques that will be employed to carry out the tasks assigned to them during the construction project.

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